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Zealand Publishing Specialises in Non-Fiction Books in the Health & Nutrition Niche.  We have primarily serviced the New Zealand & Australian markets. With the advance and ease of Self Publishing we now also list our Books on all available online book distribution entities like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Apple Books, Smashwords, Kobo Books, Ingram Spark & Book Depository. There are many details to be aware of when marketing your listing and marketing your books on We now also help others wishing to self publish advice and systems to manage this process. and assist writers in Publishing on Amazon in both printed and electronic form using the Kindle Format.  Our “Stay Healthy Book” by David Coory now in its 13th edition and is our most popular book and we have sold over 85 000 copies of it.  Our Colloidal Silver & Colostrum Books have achieved No 1 Status for their respective niches.

The Principal Author of Zealand Publishing, David Coory has also supported and collaborated with other Authors in assisting the publishing of their books.  These Authors include Max Carer arguably NZ’s authority on Colloidal Silver; Brenda Sampsons Book on Ulric Williams NZ’s Pioneer Naturopath who was also a leading Surgeon; and Brown Trotter Who’s book tells of his journey in correcting the nutrients missing in farm soils and by correcting the deficiencies he also found a way to cure his heart.  With the ease of self publishing it opened up other channels to make our Books available through Amazon and The Book Depository.  With the experience that we have gained from using these sales channel we have made huge strides.  Evidence of this is that our Book “Everything You Need To Know About Colloidal Silver ” Is now the No1 book on Amazon for Colloidal Silver

eBook Publishing

Zealand Publishing House, delivers its books and pamphlets by way of PDF, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and ibooks.  The technology behind these ebooks is continuing to evolve and understanding the best way to use these formats and the benefits of them can be time consuming.

The issue always boils down to which of these formats will best expose your book to the markets you are trying to access.  Key to this is identifying a profitable niche to align your book with and the research required to allow the in built systems in these ebook formats to support your book.  Then using the best marketing strategies to allow your book to be seen.  Lastly is putting  system in place to allow you to communicate with the people who have brought your book to make them aware of future books that you might write.  All of these tasks can be mind boggling but with a map to show you the way all of this can be achieved with the required effort.

Let us help to provide you with the experience we have gained to get your book to the audience you desire in the most cost effective manner.

Publishing Services

  • Research
    • Niche
    • Demand for the book
  • Planning
  • Cover Creation
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofing
  • Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Communicating with purchasers

The above bullet points are required to first create a book that will attract your readers.  Once you have attracted them you need to offer them a book of value to them that is readable and engaging.  Note I don’t say that it has to be well written or a literary masterpiece but it can’t have obvious errors like spelling mistakes or grammatical inaccuracies.

Discuss with us your needs and let us assist you on your book publishing journey.

New Zealand’s Best Selling Health Book

You will learn how to prevent or heal just about any diet-related health problem

This new 2013 updated, enlarged edition of New Zealand’s most popular and easy-to-understand health book (80,000 copies sold) is now packed even more fully with priceless health information. It contains so much newly discovered health information, that you may have to forget almost half of what you’ve been told these last 20 years.

It shows you how to prevent or heal just about any diet-related health problem.

It does this by first showing you how to identify the minerals and vitamins you’re not getting enough of in your diet. (There’s almost certain to be some.)

Then it shows you which foods to eat (or supplements to take if preferred) to provide the optimum amounts of these lacking minerals and vitamins.

The result of this is that you begin to release all the potential energy in your body. Just like as if your body was a four cylinder car that’s been running on only two cylinders. Suddenly you awaken in the morning firing on all four cylinders again.

You’ll also have a fully effective immune system that will keep you in exceptional health.

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